ULEIUL motoarelor - mit si adevar

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Re: ULEIUL motoarelor - mit si adevar

Mesajde dedant68 » Dum Feb 11, 2018 11:02 pm

fraza asta imi place :D
RAVENOL is one of the most dynamic and capable brands for premium lubricant products in the world.
Vad ca produc si pentru motociclete :D Daca citesc mai mult poate ma "convertesc" :lol:
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Re: ULEIUL motoarelor - mit si adevar

Mesajde adrian » Mar Feb 13, 2018 6:52 pm

Una calda, una rece, de la clienti americani.Oricum pretul din state de 9-10$/litru nu prea concureaza cu pretul din Europa.E mult prea mare si cred eu nejustificat.
I have read a great deal about Amsoil, Mobil One and Castrol. I've been using Castrol in my cars since the early 1970's switching to Syntec in the early 1990's. Having owner 4 airplanes and a number of boats I perform most of the maintenance myself. Back in the 1990's Mobil One got in a world of trouble with their aircraft oil whereas the teflon would separate and attach to the interior of the engine causing blockages for the oil to circulate properly. It was enough of a problem and left a bad taste in my mouth with that Brand and the way the matter was handled. I've always had good luck with Castrol products and never had a reason to look elsewhere for a different Brand. However, after reading several independent laboratory results regarding the best motor oils and their properties, i.e.; maintaining viscosity, lubricity, oil breakdown, shearing and eventual change in the SAE measure(10W/40 in 4K miles to < 5W-10W/30) AMSOIL always fared the best overall.
So recently I changed the transmission and final drive fluids to AMSOIL Severe Gear Fluid 75W-90. Also I changed the motor oil to 20W/50 AMSOIL Synthetic. Immediately the gear shifting was smoother and w/o problems downshifting into first gear. Over the 500 miles I noticed the engine run much smoother and a bit quieter along with cooler. The digital oil temp gauge remains 1 bar below where it has always settled. And the most surprising change is the motor now always starts as soon as you hit the starter button, first time!
I am quite impressed and have sent out the prior oil for testing and will after 3K miles do the same with the AMSOIL to compare the lab results. I will also be using AMSOIL in our 3 cars (incl. VW TDI Diesel) along with my kids 4 dirt bikes and JD lawn tractor.
I highly recommend that you try AMSOIL, especially if you care enough to use the best! I've always said;" Oil is cheap, Engines are not!"


Amsoil has earned its reputation and in many circles and web conversations it is referred to as "Scamsoil" and rightly so. Let me say this Amsoil is Not a bad product. It is just over hyped so much that the consumer gets caught up in a sale of snake oil. The truth is... Amsoil if a good product..but the price you are paying is ridiculous for what you are receiving. It is truly no better than other off the shelf name brand synthetic motor oils. If it truly was ....EVERY exotic, luxury down to the cheapest cars made would be recommending it! Literally to save THEMSELVES money. NOT 1 manufacturer recommends Amsoil. Look it up on the net. Virgin oil samples ARE what oils are made of...it's really not hard to find out that it is just another synthetic motor oil. Its just like any other quality synthetic motor oil! Except, that it is twice as high! It's a joke...buy a name brand API certified oil and follow the manufactures recommended oil change intervals. There is no "Magic" oil. Don't waste your money on snake oil.

No comment.
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Re: ULEIUL motoarelor - mit si adevar

Mesajde Sharpe » Mar Feb 13, 2018 9:25 pm

scamsoil :lol: :lol: :lol:

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